New Logo for Design from Finland by Werklig

Let your Finn Flag Fly

New Logo for Design from Finland by Werklig



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“The Design from Finland mark granted by [The Association for Finnish Work] for Finnish Work is a recognition for design. Finnish design is very distinct. A high level of knowledge, craftsmanship, R&D, uniqueness, functionality, aesthetics, and user centred approach all co-exist in Finnish design. In addition, companies are increasingly using design for their competitive edge. Hence, recognition for Finnish design was needed. This is how the Design from Finland Mark was born. The Mark showcases companies that produce high quality design and invest in it in various ways.”

design by

Werklig (Helsinki, Finland)

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Design from Finland explained

Our approach to the design was very pragmatic: the words need to be there in order to make in understandable internationally. In addition, we wanted to create a visual clue or "mnemonic" that creates recognizability. The "F:" -symbol meets this requirement, + its a Finnish flag, + it can be read as "F:" = "from Finland".

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This is so smart and simple it hurts. A Nordic FedEx arrow if you will. Love it.

Logo explanation. Must watch.
New Logo for Design from Finland by Werklig
Mini mark. Not in use yet, but the designers are hopeful the shorthand mark will one day work.
The Association for Finnish Work grants Finnish products and services two symbols of origin, the Key Flag and the Design from Finland, and supervises their use. In addition, the association grants the Finnish Social Enterprise Mark for enterprises who work for the good of the Finnish society.

AFW symbols page

New Logo for Design from Finland by Werklig
The trio of symbols together: Key Flag Symbol, Design From Finland Symbol, and the Finnish Social Enterprise Mark.


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