New Logo for Dublin Tourism by Annie Atkins

Non-angry Birds

New Logo for Dublin Tourism by Annie Atkins



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(Est. 2015) “The Grow Dublin Tourism Alliance was established by Fáilte Ireland following the publication of Destination Dublin — A Collective Strategy for Growth to 2020 which had been developed in 2014 by the Grow Dublin Taskforce, representing tourism and business interests in the city. Fáilte Ireland, the National Tourism Development Authority, was established in 2003 to guide and promote tourism as a leading indigenous component of the Irish economy. The tourism and hospitality industry employs an estimated 205,000 people and generates over € 3.5 billion in overseas revenue a year.” is Dublin’s official tourism information website.

design by

Annie Atkins

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Fáilte Ireland press release story

This new brand (with associated logo and designs) seeks to communicate Dublin’s unique position as a vibrant capital city bursting with a variety of surprising experiences and a destination where city living thrives side by side with the natural outdoors. In other words, Dublin is a city but more than just a city and, nestled alongside mountains and sea, it provides an experience not found in other cities.

Fáilte Ireland press release


Other than another disappointing use of Museo — wobbled, to boot — I have no idea what was going on with the old logo. I haven't visited Dublin yet so I have no clear vision in my mind of how it should be represented in a logo but of all the possibilities, the new logo is probably one of the last things I imagined. This feels more like a cute, small harbor town than a significant city. After watching the promo video (at the bottom of the post) I can see the relationship but I don't quite associate that much nature to Dublin; maybe to Ireland as a whole, more so. The execution is odd and overly stylized as if the logo wants really badly to be on a postcard. It's not bad, per se, but it feels like the wrong place for it. The birds are fairly annoying but at least they sort of match the script tagline, which is also kind of annoying in execution. Perhaps our Dublin readers can enlighten us about the appropriateness of the logo.

New Logo for Dublin Tourism by Annie Atkins
Logo detail.
New Logo for Dublin Tourism by Annie Atkins
New Logo for Dublin Tourism by Annie Atkins
New Logo for Dublin Tourism by Annie Atkins
New Logo for Dublin Tourism by Annie Atkins
New Logo for Dublin Tourism by Annie Atkins
Giant logo set across Dublin.
Giant logo video.
Launch video. Mostly just a lot of pretty landscapes.

Thanks to Anthony Finucane for the tip.


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