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New Logo for Experian



Noted Jan. 10, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 1996) “Experian plc is a global information services group with operations in 40 countries, with corporate headquarters in Dublin, Republic of Ireland and operational headquarters in Nottingham, United Kingdom; Costa Mesa, California, United States; São Paulo, Brazil; and Heredia, Costa Rica. The company now employs 17,000 people. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. Experian is a partner in the UK government’s Verify ID system and USPD Address Validation.” (Wikipedia)

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New Logo for Experian
New Logo for Experian
Sign. (Source)
New Logo for Experian
Will it cupcake? (Source)
Will it puzzle?

When a company is described as being in the "global information services" business you know you can expect a logo that is supposed to mean something deep and thoughtful but ultimately it's just "connectivity", because people. The old logo had a bunch of squares on a grid making a larger square but connected through the grid they sat in. Empty-ish but corporate enough and with a serious-looking wordmark. The new logo falls for the let's-make-our-logo-friendlier trap and ends up with a highly meaningless set of rounded-corner squares that say nothing about anything. It's not a terrible logo because at least there is some relative harmony to it and it still conveys connectivity and perhaps even now diversity. The wordmark makes the company look way smaller than it is, like a friendly regional bank. Why the "x" is so condensed, I don't understand. Overall, a bad case of the Friendlies.

Thanks to Seth Jenks for the tip.

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