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New Logo for Fidelidade by Ivity Brand Corp



Reviewed Jul. 16, 2013 by Armin

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Established in 1808 and 1835 respectively Fidelidade Mundial and Império Bonança have merged under the name Fidelidade to establish the leading life and non-life insurance provider in Portugal. Introduced in late June, the new identity has been designed by Lisboa-based Ivity Brand Corp.

New Logo for Fidelidade by Ivity Brand Corp
Old Fidelidade logos, 1835 and 1999.
New Logo for Fidelidade by Ivity Brand Corp
Logo detail, in 3D version.
TV spot with lots of red dogs and logo animation in the end. In Portuguese.
New Logo for Fidelidade by Ivity Brand Corp
New Logo for Fidelidade by Ivity Brand Corp
3D version of the logo.
New Logo for Fidelidade by Ivity Brand Corp
Dear lord, no! Bad, bad idea, bad! Seriously, look at that “S”. Who does that and thinks, “That’s cool, let’s put it on our website.”

I guess first and foremost try to unsee the image directly above which I am sure was done by an overzealous marketing expert. (I did feel the need to show it you because, well, look at it!). Anyway. Fidelidade translates as “loyalty” so the use of a dog since way back when the company was founded is a concept with plenty of merit and it’s a much better reference than whatever ambiguous globe-star-icon thing Fidelidade was working with for a while. Red is a good color and together with the silhouette of the dog make for a semi-decent wordmark. There is something I want to like in the logo and in its 3D execution — there is glimmers of hope in there. But I would have stopped the dog + red concept at the logo before putting red dogs on TV. It transforms an otherwise effective identity design into a weird caricature that is almost as absurd as Clifford the Big Red Dog. Cute it is not, Photoshopped it looks. (Not sure why like Yoda I started speaking). Overall, a decent identity evolution overshadowed by red dogs.

Thanks to Geiras for the tip.

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