New Logo for Fitbit

Dots Mark the Spot

New Logo for Fitbit



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(Est. 2007) “Fitbit helps people lead healthier, more active lives by empowering them with data, inspiration and guidance to reach their goals. As the leader in the connected health and fitness category, Fitbit designs products and experiences that track everyday health and fitness.”

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Both logos are fine in their own regard, each solving the same problem in a slightly different way. The old icon is more static but perhaps also clearer about including an arrow while the new one implies movement by increasing the size of the dots. The old wordmark was more "fit" and slim but also less sturdy and with a heft that got lost at smaller sizes while the new is more robust. Overall, I prefer the new one that looks less like a start-up's logo.

New Logo for Fitbit
Logo detail.
New Logo for Fitbit
A larger comparison of before and after.
Spot for Fitbit Blaze with new logo. Brief animation at the beginning.

Thanks to Brian Pennington for the tip.


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