New Logo for Funimation


New Logo for Funimation



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Founded in 1994 with the acquisition of the hit television series “Dragon Ball Z” from Toei Animation. Since then, FUNimation® Entertainment now has more than 300 active titles and has established itself at the leading company for home video sales of Japanese animation in the United States. FUNimation manages a full spectrum of rights with its brands including broadcasting, licensing, production, Internet, and home video sales and distribution.”

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For a company called Funimation — and focused on anime — both old and new logos are surprisingly boring. The old one at least tried to take the fun and animation elements literally and did a static rendition of them but they were no better than a Type 101 exercise. The new logo represents everything I hate about the unicase approach: little f! Big U! Little n! Big I! Little m! Huge a! Fucked up t! Big I! Smiley face! Little n! To their credit, all the letters have the same(-ish) thickness so at least they didn't grab lowercase letters and made them big. Still, the rhythm of the wordmark is terrible. Maybe the logo comes to life in video application as is hinted at in the video below but, as a starting point, the logo is the equivalent of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon to anime lovers. (I'm taking a wild guess they would find Hanna-Barbera cartoons boring and lifeless).

New Logo for Funimation
Logo detail.
New Logo for Funimation
Facebook cover image. This shows some potential by interpreting the logo with other shapes.
FunimationNow Launch Trailer. There is a cool animation moment for the logo at the 14-second mark.

Thanks to Derek Stiles for the tip.


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