New Logo for Greece (Tourism)

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New Logo for Greece (Tourism)



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This is the official tourism logo of Greece, managed by the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO), “a Public Entity (PE) supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The GNTO was first established in 1927 and re-established in 1950 by Emergency Act 1565/50, ratified by law 1624/51); in the meantime, tourism fell under the competence of various ministries. Since 1950, the GNTO constitutes the ruling state agency for the tourism sector.”

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This logo redesign is a little bit older, from March. But it deserves its moment in the spotlight for being so unimaginative and generic. It's a hundred times better than the old rave logo but, c'mon, "GREECE" typeset in Bodoni and that's it? I'm sure there is something in the centuries of Greek civilization and culture far more interesting than just a typeface with an Italian legacy. Oh, and those ads? Ugh.

New Logo for Greece (Tourism)


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