New Logo for Jazzercise by CBX

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New Logo for Jazzercise by CBX



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(Est. 1984) “Jazzercise is an international dance fitness business hosting 8,300+ franchisees teaching 32,000+ classes per week in 32 countries. With Jazzercise you can burn up to 600 calories in one 60 minute cardio and strength fitness class. The high intensity dance-based fitness program mixes cardio, strength training, kickboxing, power yoga and chart-topping music. While most customers come for the fun, they stay because Jazzercise provides a highly effective total body workout plus a sense of community and personalized support.”

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CBX (New York, NY)

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The best way to describe this change is that the old logo was all jazz and no exercise and the new logo is no jazz and all exercise. Both options are forgettable and generic, but the new one is more so, blending in with every fitness venue/trend/thing ever. My guess is that Jazzercise is trying to align itself more with the Crossfit craze and needing to amp up its hardcore-ness. Execution-wise, I guess the new logo is not terrible. It's properly done and definitely exudes a fitness-y, sport-y attitude.

New Logo for Jazzercise by CBX
Logo detail.
New Logo for Jazzercise by CBX
Facebook banner.
New Logo for Jazzercise by CBX
New location in Ithaca.
New Logo for Jazzercise by CBX

Thanks to Celine DeMeyer for the tip.


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