New Logo for Kraft Heinz Company

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New Logo for Kraft Heinz Company



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(Est. 2015, previously Kraft Foods Group, H.J. Heinz Company) “The Kraft Heinz Company is a result of the merger of Kraft Foods with Heinz. The merger is backed by 3G Capital and Berkshire Hathaway, which will invest US$10 billion in the deal, making the Kraft Heinz Company worth about US$46 billion. The Kraft Heinz Company, now has 13 different brands. The merger, has been agreed by the boards of both companies, with approvals by shareholders and regulatory authorities. The new company is expected to become the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world, and the third-largest in the United States. The company will have dual headquarters between Pittsburgh and Chicago, the respective headquarters of Heinz and Kraft.” (Wikipedia)

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To close the week with a winner we'll go with the always popular practice of merging logos for newly merged companies. Never a good idea but at least the silver lining is that down the road, usually, someone says "Hey, y'all, this is shit and it shouldn't be shit, let's rebrand". The new logo takes the two wordmarks out of their holding shapes — both iconic in their own right at the consumer level — and smushes them together. Indicating that someone did this logo with some sort of purpose the "t" in Kraft has been modified (tapered) to accommodate the swash of the "H". Nice try, but it only makes a bad merger logo worse because that "t" is fugly. At the consumer level nothing changes, you will still your get your Kraft cheeses and mayo and Heinz ketchups in the same design and you will still see those two old logos on packaging but the corporate face behind them is no more cohesive than Harvey Dent.

New Logo for Kraft Heinz Company
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