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New Logo for Racked by Hoodzpah Design Co.



Noted Feb. 25, 2015 by Armin

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Part of Vox Media, with 6.2 million unique visitors and 11.2 million page views a month, “Racked covers style, shopping, and beauty as they affect the day ­to day lives of our discerning readers. We’re seriously interested in topics that aren’t so serious, whether that’s a new designer collaboration, an out­-there wellness trend, or a celebrity making a career out of having the world’s greatest life. Our team seeks to tackle the news with faster, better, and more in-depth coverage, to provide analysis into the inner workings of these major industries, and to explore what’s coming up next—and why you should care.”

Design by

Hoodzpah Design Co. (Newport Beach, CA)

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Racked relaunch blog post

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We've always wanted Racked to reflect how you, the reader, really shop. We still want that. We're just doing it in a much bigger, bolder, and — yes — prettier way. That means a modern new color palette; an improved site layout that lets us highlight writing, photography, and video; and a very fresh logo.

Racked relaunch blog post

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New Logo for Racked by Hoodzpah Design Co.
Logo detail.
New Logo for Racked by Hoodzpah Design Co.

The previous logo looked more like it belonged on Curbed or Eater — some of the other Vox Media mega sites. With a 67% female audience, the new logo and overall vibe of the site is much more appropriate and relevant. It has a soft and approachable look the previous one lacked. The script wordmark is informal and hand-scribbled, giving it a personable feel, but perhaps it's a little too informal. I don't particularly like the execution and result but I can appreciate its appropriateness on the site and the attitude it conveys. The "R" monogram I don't support as much; it's very flimsy on its own and the penciled circle around — I imagine it's meant to look like a fashion editor marking photo proofs — is too out of place and as if it had been drawn by a kid.

Thanks to John Dorcas for the tip.

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