New Logo for SeatGeek by Mackey Saturday

Armchair says ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

New Logo for SeatGeek by Mackey Saturday



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(Est. 2009) “SeatGeek is the leading mobile-focused ticket marketplace that enables fans to buy and sell tickets for sports, concert, and theater events. With industry-leading mobile ticketing apps, a fan-friendly user experience and its proprietary Deal Score™ technology that helps fans identify the best ticket values on offer for a given event, SeatGeek is transforming the way that fans buy and sell tickets to their favorite events. Founded in 2009, SeatGeek is proud to be Made in New York.”

design by

Mackey Saturday (Denver, CO)

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Our new brand communicates what we believe a ticketing experience should be like: simple, smart, trustworthy, and fun. We work day in and day out to create this kind of experience and now have an identity that reflects these core values.

SeatGeek blog post


The previous logo sort of had the right idea but suffered from a bad case of start-up-itis with a very rudimentary execution. (Bonus points for matching the smirk on the smile to the serif of the "k", though.) The new logo transfers the smirk from the double-e to a theater-style armchair where the seat rest is the smile, the armrests are the eyes and the back rest is… I don't know… the forehead? A mohawk that turns into massive bangs? No matter, the point comes across. It's a happy, dorky seat that pays off of the name in an endearing way. The animation is cute too. The wordmark is not my style but it works perfectly well. Overall, a great, simple evolution that hopefully doesn't Uberize in five years.

New Logo for SeatGeek by Mackey Saturday
Logo detail.
New Logo for SeatGeek by Mackey Saturday
Logo animation.

Thanks to Matt Yow for the tip.


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