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New Logo for The Guthrie Theater by Little



Noted Mar. 15, 2017 by Armin

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The Guthrie Theater, founded in 1963, is an American center for theater performance, production, education and professional training in Minneapolis, MN. By presenting both classical literature and new work from diverse cultures, the Guthrie illuminates the common humanity connecting Minnesota to the peoples of the world.”

Design by

Little (Minneapolis, MN)

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New Logo for The Guthrie Theater by Little
New Logo for The Guthrie Theater by Little
New Logo for The Guthrie Theater by Little
Variations and rules.
New Logo for The Guthrie Theater by Little
New Logo for The Guthrie Theater by Little
Sample application.

Although relatively the same, the monogram in both old and new logos changes slightly in interpretation. The old one looked more like a crescent moon with a ribbon appendage while the new one is more clearly a twisting ribbon. I like the directness of the new one but I also appreciate the moonlight-ness of the old one. The old wordmark had no relation to the monogram but it was cool on its own although I fear the “THEATER” part was mercilessly scaled. The biggest issue was the size relationship between monogram and wordmark where the latter looked huge. The new lock-up resolves that issue by having a much more sensible size relationship but, unfortunately, the wordmark has the penchant to grow its limbs. It’s a look that is flattering for not a single piece of typography. It reminds me of the New York Philharmonic logo by Meta Design (which I liked a lot less than I like less this logo). I may be alone in my hard-line sentiments about it but I think this should not be done to letters or, if it must be done, this is not the best way to do it. Overall, it’s a good update for the monogram but they should have not converted that wordmark to outlines.

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Logo Before & After

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