New Logo for TNT

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New Logo for TNT



Noted February 12, 201602.12.16 by Armin

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(Est. 1988) “TNT (Turner Network Television) is an American basic cable and satellite television network that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. The channel’s programming consists of television series and feature films, with a focus on dramatic programming, along with some professional sporting events (such as NBA basketball games and PGA golf). As of July 2015, TNT is available to approximately 94.259 million cable, satellite and telco households (81.0% of households with at least one television set) in the United States.” (Wikipedia)

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The old logo was perfect. Not that in the sense that it was the best logo in the history of television nor that it was the most well executed. It was as simple as possible and it reflected the accrued seriousness of the channel with a no-frills logo. The new one better have a really good explanation if TNT ever decides to share that (or let the designer do it) or it better have an amazing motion package around it because it's terrible. There are only two letters in the name and they messed up both. There are four different widths of strokes where only one would do, there is a curved corner in the "N" where none would do, and there are two ligatures where zero are meant to ever be created. Connecting the "N" with the "T"s can't have any deep conceptual thinking behind it and the execution is in no way interesting to support the decision. This now looks like a third-rate television channel. The brief animations of the logo shown below don't offer much hope as they seem like basic, motion shape exercises. Unless a miracle happens in the on-air package, this is another shoo-in for Worst of the Year. Tough week on the Noted section of Brand New this week.

New Logo for TNT
Logo detail.
Trailer for various TNT shows. Logo animation at the beginning.

Thanks to Shane Steiner for the tip.


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