New Logos for El Paso Chihuahuas by Brandiose

More like Chi-wow-a, am I Right?

New Logos for El Paso Chihuahuas by Brandiose


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“The El Paso Chihuahuas is the newest Triple-A Baseball team in the country and will compete in El Paso’s new downtown ballpark as the Triple-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres starting in the Spring of 2014.”

design by

Brandiose (San Diego, CA)

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Why the El Paso Chihuahuas? For starters, El Paso is located in the Chihuahuan desert. El Paso is a border town. Their sister city in Mexico is Juarez. With a fan base that will include a large cross-section of Mexican-Americans, new Mexican immigrants, and citizens of Mexico, the name had to work in both Spanish and English. We also love it for the story it tells. It's a story unique to the Minor League Baseball brand of entertainment. With teams names like the Toledo Mudhens and the Richmond Flying Squirrels, it's the story of the mascot that seemingly isn't the toughest species on the block, scrapping for the respect it deserves. It's the story of the Minor League players, fighting to earn their spot in the Big Leagues. It's the story of America, the little guy pulling up their bootstraps and making something of themselves — ordinary people doing extraordinary things. And most importantly it's the story of El Paso, a town, that for too long, hasen't got the respect that it deserves. It's a really cool town and one that is scrapping for the respect that it deserves. Just like our scrappy Chihuahua!

Brandiose blog post


This is such a fun and ballsy set of logos. I especially love the bitten bones-and-ball logo.

New Logos for El Paso Chihuahuas by Brandiose
Main logo.
New Logos for El Paso Chihuahuas by Brandiose
Alternate logos.


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