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New Name, Logo, and Identity for ding* by DixonBaxi



Noted Aug. 21, 2014 by Armin

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“Established in 2006, ding* has always had the same vision — to keep the world’s mobile phones topped-up. Now with the largest international top-up platform, ding* is directly connected to 300 mobile operators in over 100 countries with a reach of 3 billion phones.”

Design by

DixonBaxi (London)

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The result is a new 'brand way' for ding* that brings to life the simple product that has a big impact on people's lives. The design system has established a visual metaphor for top-up and a distinct tone of voice for the brand with a phraseology that reflects that quick, snappy, bite-sized functionality of the product. Key phrases have been created that reflect how the brand feels about what it does. For instance, a top-up is about making small practical gestures rather than simply giving a gift, so the phrase 'Hours not Flowers' has been adopted as an internal ding* mantra. Everything about the brand graphics reflects the simplicity and speed of the product and gives the business fantastic cut through as it continues to drive the growth of international top-up sector.

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New Name, Logo, and Identity for ding* by DixonBaxi
Logo detail.
New Name, Logo, and Identity for ding* by DixonBaxi
New Name, Logo, and Identity for ding* by DixonBaxi
What ding* is all about.
New Name, Logo, and Identity for ding* by DixonBaxi
Cards for ding* credit.
New Name, Logo, and Identity for ding* by DixonBaxi
Billboard and promo items.

To clarify one thing: the Ezetop logo and name still exist as the parent company of ding* and other top-up services but the service now provided by ding* was provided as Ezetop to consumers. The new name is quite catchy and I like how it sounds like you just won a prize — ding! — for either topping up someone's phone or getting yours toped. The chunky wordmark is right up my alley and that "g" is fun and playful. The magenta tittle and asterisk compete for attention more than needed but they add a welcome splash of color. Combining the condensed Brauer Neue from Lineto with the wide shapes of the wordmark make for a nice combination while the royal blue and magenta combination provide a distinctive palette for the service.

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