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New Name, Logo, and Identity for Vibbo by Summa



Reviewed Nov. 25, 2015 by Armin

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Originally published as a classifieds newspaper in 1978 — until 2008 when it went solely online — and named Segunda Mano (Second Hand), Vibbo as it was renamed earlier this month, is the Craigslist of Spain and some parts of Latin America. Owned by Schibsted Classified Media — a holding company specializing in classified ads and job postings — Vibbo has over 40 million page views a month and more than 2.7 million active listings. The new identity was designed by Barcelona-based Summa.

New Name, Logo, and Identity for Vibbo by Summa
Logo detail, with tagline (loosely “I live it and then I sell it”).

The previous logo was really terrible, starting with the typography. Horribly spaced and I want to at least hope it’s an existing font and that no one spent time customizing whatever that was in the first place. The icon maybe had a good idea behind it but the lackluster icons and execution were just too rudimentary. The one good thing about the old version was the name; it was unimaginative but it was clearly about buying second-hand items and selling your own first-hand ones.

There is a press release announcing the change but it never says anything meaningful so there isn’t a clear explanation about the name. It obviously hints at “vivo” (“alive” or “I live”) and the double “B”s are probably to clear it as a trademark. The name is supported by the tagline “Lo vivo y luego lo vendo” which translates to “I live it and then I sell it”. I like the shortness of the name and it sounds nice when you say it but it’s completely unidentifiable with the service it represents — it could as easily be the name for the next Tinder.

The new logo is interesting in that it only uses two shapes to create the letters: a stick and a half circle. The stick makes the “V” and “I” while the half circle makes the “B” and “O”. I like the self-imposed limitation and it leads to an eye-catching logo. The extra tall “B”s are slightly distracting and command a lot of attention and maybe it would have been interesting to see some more jagged overlapping like in the “V” as opposed to the very streamlined look of the other letters. The logo feels like a good starting point but one more round of visual disruption would have been done it good.

New Name, Logo, and Identity for Vibbo by Summa
App icon.
New Name, Logo, and Identity for Vibbo by Summa
Ads of some kind.
Introduction to Vibbo.

Not much in application yet. The abstract ads show potential in developing a custom visual language that looks fun and energetic while clearly supporting the construction of the logo. The animated spot to introduce the new name is very groovy and it has a great logo animation at the end. The desktop website needs a major overhaul to match the new identity as right now the clash of the old infrastructure with the new logo is quite jarring. Overall, it feels like a satisfying change that livens up an old brand.

Thanks to Brandemia for the tip.

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