New Packaging for PangPang Aight by Snask

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New Packaging for PangPang Aight by Snask


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Established in 2011 in the Hökarängen district of southern Stockholm, PangPang Brewery is one of Sweden’s most prolific and successful nano breweries, run by Fredrik Silver, who is literally a one-man shop: brewing, bottling, labeling, and distributing one of his handful of brews to customers directly. PangPang Aight, their latest beer, is described as trying to be a copy of the big breweries’ approach to light beer, so Silver tried to do horrible things to the yeast and cut corners and make watered down beer but instead it turned out awesome. (Tongue in cheek, of course).

design by

Snask (Stockholm)

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Snask project page

We got the assignement to brand it as a cheap light US beer, even though it wasn't allowed to be called "light". The name became "Aight" and we were inspired by USA in the 80's, Mad Max and cheesy chromed metallic typography. The typographic solution deliberately makes people read "Light" instead of "Aight" while an inspector who knows the name will read "Aight". The beer has been a success so far and it seems the secret of PangPang brewery is not the ingredients or the recipe but the actual craftsmanship.

Snask project page


This is so awful on purpose that it's excellent. I'm actually envious of the chrome effect achieved on the lettering — it looks quite authentic. The Light/Aight script wordmark is very evil as it not only DOES read like "Light" but it also manages to poke fun at Coca-Cola. This isn't a textbook project by any means but serves as a good reminder that we can use our graphic superpowers for straight-up fun!

New Packaging for PangPang Aight by Snask
Bottle detail.
New Packaging for PangPang Aight by Snask
And a little more in detail.
New Packaging for PangPang Aight by Snask
Full label (back and front and sides).
New Packaging for PangPang Aight by Snask


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