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With more than 7,700 stores across the U.S., Walgreens is the largest drugstore chain in the country and it has long carried its own private label brands offering discounted prices on common household and grocery items. This past August Walgreens introduced its new Nice! brand which will include over 400 items when it fully launches at the beginning of 2012. The logo and packaging have been designed by New York-based CBX.

Nice!™ features a bold, clean design aimed at being easily recognizable and simplifying the shopping experience. Current store brands including Café W, Deerfield Farms, W and others will be phased out and transitioned to Nice!™. The change is Walgreens latest move in its strategy to build its private brand business, including consolidation of many of the brands in its existing portfolio.

“The Nice!™ product line compared favorably to respective national brand competitors in consumer testing,” Alkemade said, “and the sleek new packaging garnered rave reviews, which is expected to promote trial of the new products.”
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The trend of private labels using stark white backgrounds with big, bold, colorful typography and simple photography has officially hit a saturation point. From Target’s Up&Up to Walmart’s Great Value to Carrefour’s Discount there is no more uniqueness in concept or execution. Luckily, very luckily, this is a pleasing aesthetic that always manages to work, which is why we keep seeing it so much. Nice! twists the formula slightly by using a serif typeface for its logo, instead of the standard issue blue sans serif and when used big as in the pictures below, the brand does manage to look striking and attractive. The secondary type on the packaging, Avant Garde, baffles me, as it makes everything look slightly antiquated, like something you would find on your grandma’s cupboard. The photography ranges from cute (Mac & Cheese) to cloying (the soups with their cute bowls having the main ingredient patterned on it). One thing it does exude is affordability as the packaging isn’t over designed and everything is kept conservatively appealing.


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