Lest you think that I have lost my edge or immediate brand relevance, I have purposefully neglected to post the new Nickelodeon logo. I have never been eager to post scoops based on limited information. Nothing wrong with it, but it’s just not what we do. A new Nickelodeon wordmark, replacing the famous “splat” flexible identity, has appeared in a few random places but not yet on the main Nickelodeon site and it probably won’t until early Fall as new programming kicks in. You can feel free to comment about the new logo here on Brand New, but I’ll say that it would be premature. I’ve started a conversation with a couple of nice folks at Nickelodeon and I hope to have a fuller story in the coming weeks, if not months. In the meantime, you can visit idsgn, which has the best story on the change so far, or you can engage in some high-level brand and logo discussions over at Perez Hilton’s place.

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