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Optimum has the Last Word

Reviewed Sep. 19, 2012 by Armin

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Optimum Logo, Before and After

Owned by Cablevision, Optimum offers cable, Internet, and voice service throughout the New York and New Jersey area, with another area of service throughout Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. Optimum has had a case of logo-itis, with far too many logos (see one of the first images below) mostly due because they separated their offerings as Optimum Online, Optimum Interactive, Optimum Voice, plus the main Optimum logo. Last week Optimum introduced a new logo designed by New York, NY-based COLLINS:, and new advertising by Mother NY.

“Our new logo and branding campaign reflects our commitment to honesty, transparency, the quality of the services we provide and — importantly — how we interact with our customers. We could not be more pleased or proud to be taking our marketing in this new direction, underscoring our leadership position in the markets we serve as the provider of the best TV, phone and Internet available anywhere, at any price.”

The logo, which will be used across all Optimum consumer-facing properties, is part of a new, overall redesign of the brand. It reflects a cleaner and much more simplified approach to design, unencumbered by extraneous visual elements.
Press Release

Launch television spot dedicated to the logo.

Most of the players appear addicted to making things more difficult and complicated. It would take a remarkable commitment for a company to move in the exact opposite direction and make things a whole lot easier for people.

Last spring, we got a call from Optimum to do just that.

The company had already built a reputation for providing good TV, phone and internet service. And they do so to over three million customers every day. What they wanted to do now was to better communicate that commitment to customers in a more direct, straightforward way.

Simplicity gets rid of the complicated and replaces it with clarity and meaning. So we’re working closely with the teams at Optimum to help design simplicity into everything they’ll do — from this new identity program to improved user experiences to interface design. Frankly, it’s been remarkable to work with people who are so hell-bent on making everything about a customer’s experience better.
— Brian Collins

Optimum Logo and Identity

Cornucopia of old logos.

Optimum Logo and Identity

The previous main logos for the three services, not all of the ones shown, were designed by Sterling Brands and they functioned well as a coherent family — far too many swooshes for my taste, but in terms of unifying three services, it did its job. The swooshes overpowered the name and the identity revolved around the color scheme and customer recognition of swooshes. The new logo (and advertising) takes the opposite approach, it removes absolutely all visual devices in favor of a bold, confident wordmark. Drawn with the help of London-based A2, the wordmark is excellent. I love me some bold typography and this one tugs at that passion without remorse. The short ascender and descender on the “p” and “t” make it feel like a bulldog with stubby legs and a firm, thick body. (I love bulldogs too). I like the little serif on the “i” that adds just enough uniqueness to make it evident that this is not an out-of-the-box typeface. I’m not completely convinced about the period at the end; it seems the logo could do without it but it’s a nice echo of both the tittle and the simplicity of the applications and advertising.

Optimum Logo and Identity

Optimum Logo and Identity

Optimum Logo and Identity

Optimum Logo and Identity

Optimum Logo and Identity

Optimum Logo and Identity

In application, the logo and its period literally serve as punctuation for copy-led advertising (written by Mother NY). It’s always nice to see advertising that doesn’t have sweat bubbles or gradients or crazy layouts but, given the latter’s propensity, I wonder if this kind of simplicity stands a chance in the New York environment. The copy is smart and the layouts are clean and vibrant on the bright color palette that has been established. So perhaps like the early iPod ads plastered all over New York these ones will make an impact. The best part of the advertising is the simplifying of what Optimum is: A TV, phone, and internet company. And with so many TV, phone, and internet companies offering this same package under bizarro names and gimmicks, this kind of straight-forwardness is most welcome.

Another, more “normal” TV spot.



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