Petco Logo, Before and After

Originally established in 1965 as a mail-order veterinary supply business, Petco opened its first retail store in 1976. Today, Pecto has more than 22,000 employees at 1,000 stores across the U.S. carrying up to 10,000 “different pet-related items for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles and amphibians, birds and small animals.” They also sell basic pets like fish, hamsters, and snakes — we sometimes use it as a mini zoo for our daughters. Yesterday Petco announced revisions to its logo and tagline, taking it from “where the pets go” to “where the healthy pets go”. Unhealthy pets can go fuck themselves. Apologies for the harsh language but I find the tagline change completely obnoxious. On to the logo.

“The update to our logo reflects the fresh, forward-looking company that Petco is today. Our new visual identity better reflects the new Petco — healthy, active and contemporary — while retaining the essence of the brand, its warmth and our passion for pets,” Petco Chief Marketing Officer Elisabeth Charles said.
Press Release


Comparison of old (on left) and new Blue Mews and Red Ruff.


Although I don’t despise it as much as the tagline change, the revised logo is quite annoying. The typography has gone from a sturdy and fun bold sans serif — maybe they see the fat type as unhealthy as the pets they don’t want — to a meek sans serif that features this new, horrific trend of rounding out only half of the corners and ends of the characters and leaving the rest squared off. Somebody please shoot that “e” and “c” and put them out of their visual misery. The tagline is also set in a forgettable sans, leaving the funky bold typewriter version far behind. Perhaps the only improvement in this are the redrawn pets, Blew Mews and Red Ruff, with a more fluid drawing, especially in the limb and tail areas. Overall, a complete disappointment for what is otherwise a lively brand.

Thanks to Roy Levitt for first tip.

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