I have never made a post like this, where it’s just an open question. But the topic is one that I think (a) many of our readers have plenty of first-hand experience and (b) many others would like to know more about it. The question came in via e-mail and I usually reply myself as best as I can, but this one I didn’t have a confident, comprehensive answer to give so I figured it would be interesting to turn it to you. The question is below (or after the jump). Feel free to comment anonymously if you feel it protects your client or workplace.

In short: What is the best way to go about launching a re-branding to your clients and internal staff?

We are currently looking to update our branding across our 5 companies and have worked through and come up with a new brand and logo that everyone is excited about and behind. My only concern now is the best way to deploy it for maximum effect, to avoid confusion and to have it embraced as much as possible.

Some people in the company are keen to rush it out the door and slap it on everything and have it trickle out uncontrolled.

As the marketing manager I am more of the mind that we should prepare everything (collateral, websites etc) first, ready a media release to inform our clients etc. The issue is one of time, my approach will obviously take longer but I think it will be more effective, but I would like some info to back it up, does it really make a difference or is it best just to get it out there?

Do you have any insight for the best way to proceed as I am doing a bit of research on how to best go ahead and struggling to find anything useful online.

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November 8, 201211.08.12 by Armin

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