Mindshare Logo, Before and After

Mindshare, the media company formed by the 1997 merger of the media departments of JWT and Ogilvy & Mather, has rebranded as part of a global restructuring at WPP. This re-engineering of the brand involves a complete remake of the identity, save the retention of the color purple. Even the name itself has seen a shift in the reduction of the letter “S.” The redesign was developed in partnership with Moving Brands, who explain that “The symbol has been created to reflect the structure and form of Mindshare’s business. It shows two forms coming together to create a new, strong form reflecting Mindshare’s partnerships with clients, suppliers and other agencies.” You can read a bit more about the rebrand on Mindshare’s web site.

Mindshare Logo Animation

While the typography of the wordmark is nothing to write home about, and the logomark is appealing in its static form, the redesign’s strength is best evidenced when in motion, as can be seen on the Mindshare website and above. In motion, the sharing story is told with more fluency as the color translates from one form to another — a realization that is partially lost when visually frozen. I wonder though if this wouldn’t be a better logo for “Moving Brands” rather than “Mindshare”…

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