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Swirl and Repeat

Reviewed Mar. 29, 2012 by Armin

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Ocado Packaging, Before and After

Launched in 2002 in the UK, Ocado is an online grocer — the equivalent of Fresh Direct in the US — delivering an average of 15,000 orders every day to 66% of British households. With a big emphasis on being green and sustainable, the company claims that a “typical Ocado delivery has a lower overall carbon footprint than walking to your local supermarket.” This month Ocado is rolling out new packaging for its own brand of products, designed by London-based Jones Knowles Ritchie (jkr).

“The new design utilises the Ocado swirl to create patterns in an array colours to produce a visually engaging look for the brand. We wanted to ensure the packaging was ownable while remaining proudly Ocado. Using the brand’s existing colour palette, we created exciting combinations to complement the product and appeal to the consumer.” Matt Gilpin, Design Director, jkr.
jkr Project Page


Samples of old look.



Click image to see bigger.

The previous packaging look wasn’t too much to boast about but for an online grocer in-house brand, a small category, it wasn’t bad. The new packaging takes the logo — originally designed by Interbrand — and does some of the oldest tricks in the book: make it big, make it repeat, make it colorful. An almost too simple approach but one that works really well in application across a large variety of different products in different shapes of labels, cans, boxes, and bags. In a way it also keeps on the tradition of in-house brands using white backgrounds with bold colors and simple typography so it isn’t necessarily groundbreaking but, again, it just gets the job done efficiently and attractively.









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