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Team Brand Moustache Donor Reward

Nov. 26, 2012 by Armin

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Movember Book Giveaway

With one week left in Movember, team Brand Moustache is raising the stakes. Anyone who donates the amount of dollars (or more) listed below will be entitled to the according book prize AND free shipping. After you make a donation on our Movember team page please send an e-mail to sales @ underconsideration . com (please note extra spaces and delete on your end) with your address and preferred book. Offer expires this Friday, November 30.

For U.S. Residents
$10 or more: 2010 Brand New Awards
$15 or more: 2010 Brand New Awards or Flaunt
$20 or more: 2011 Brand New Awards or 2010 Brand New Awards or 2010 FPO Awards or Flaunt
$35 or more: Any 2-book combination of the above
$50 or more: Any 3-book combination
$75 or more: All 4 books (actual retail price: $112.46)

All non-U.S. residents add $5 to each donation/prize.

A reminder that all this money goes to prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. We are donating the books and shipping costs in exchange for your money going to Movember.

Update 12/3/12: This offer, like our moustaches, is now gone. Thanks for all that contributed.



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