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Team Brand Moustache Finale & Voting

Announced Dec. 6, 2012 by Armin

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Movember Finale

Movember has come to an end and, by now, hopefully most of us who participated have shaved our moustache. To bring closure to this silliness, it is time for the team Brand Moustache grand finale. Our team raised a modest $1,401 (out of an amazing $121,054,525 raised around the world) and we ourselves donated 8 Flaunts, 6 FPO Awards, 13 2010 Brand New Awards, and 12 2011 Brand New Awards books to the cause as prizes for our donors. From our team, Brandon D. Ove was the top fundraiser so he gets a free ticket to the 2013 Brand New Conference.

Now comes the fun part for y’all: voting for the best moustache to see who gets the other BNConf ticket. All team participants are pictured in this post (right-click each image to open in new window if you want to see bigger) so check them out, pick your favorite and vote (on our usual poll, after all the images). Votes will be tallied on Tuesday, December 11 at 5:00 am.

Update 12/12/12: The top vote-getter was Mr. Petteri M., taking 30% of the votes. Congratulations. Voting is now closed (although technically you can still vote.)

(Stupid, catty, and douchey comments are NOT welcome. Yes, we mostly all look ridiculous to different degrees.)

The Winners!

Movember Candidate

Movember Candidate

The Team Members

Movember CandidateMovember Candidate

↑ Adam Chaloeicheep


↑ Alec Thielman

Movember CandidateMovember Candidate

↑ Armin Vit


↑ Bill Heemer

Movember CandidateMovember Candidate

↑ Brad Woodard


↑ Brandon D. Ove (Top Fundraiser)

Movember CandidateMovember Candidate

↑ Bryan Fonder


↑ Christopher Russell

Movember CandidateMovember Candidate

↑ Clay Summers


↑ Eric Vaughn

Movember CandidateMovember Candidate

↑ James Lee


↑ Keefe Manwaring

Movember CandidateMovember Candidate

↑ Kevin Carobine


↑ Michael Bergman

Movember CandidateMovember Candidate

↑ Paul Donnell


↑ Petteri M

Movember CandidateMovember Candidate

↑ Salih Kucukaga


↑ Sean Grip

Movember Candidate

↑ Zachary Pennington


Voting Results



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