Beer Store Logo, Before and After

Established in 1927, the Beer Store is a chain of retail outlets in Ontario, Canada that sells over 350 different kinds of beers across more than 430 stores. This year, four of those locations are in a pilot program to test a new concept store that includes a revised logo, identity, and interior and exterior redesigns, that have all been designed by Toronto-based Jackman.

Beer Store Logo and Retail

Samples of old facades.

Beer Store Logo and Retail

Logo detail. Source: Design Edge Canada.

Beer Store Logo and Retail

One of the new stores in Oakvile. Source: Design Edge Canada.

Beer Store Logo and Retail

Another new facade, at College and Bathurst location, Toronto. Source: Beer Store blog.

Beer Store Logo and Retail

Beer Store Logo and Retail

The new checkout counter at the Oakvile location. Source: The Globe and Mail.

Beer Store Logo and Retail

Beer Store Logo and Retail

Beer Store Logo and Retail

A few more interior details from the Beer Store on Danforth Ave., Toronto. Source:

Well, this is fun, isn’t it? I mean: Beer! The old logo, despite the unimaginative serif, was fairly decent with the “B” showing a beer through it and tipped at an angle ready to drink. The new logo takes a more interpretative approach with an abstract representation of beer by putting a white dab of foam atop the mug-shaped “B” set in an industrialized sans serif that makes the whole brand feel like the Victoria’s Secret store that men don’t have. Men will rise from their man caves to go to this store. The same bold approach has carried into the stores with a lot of slab serifs and hard-edged, condensed sans reproduced big in manly finishes. It would take years to rollout the look across all locations but I would say this pilot test is ready for a flight. (See what I did there? Pilot store? Pilots fly? Beer flight? Yeah, that’s why I get paid the big bucks).

Thanks to Jarred Katz for the first tip.

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