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The Best and Worst Identities of 2015, Part 4: The Best Noted

Announced Dec. 28, 2015 by Armin

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Here are the Best logos (and some identities) from the Noted section.

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Simple concept for the “DO” monogram that quickly hints at the subject of this popular and engaging Instagram account.

Solid improvements on all the elements and nice asymmetry on the shield with the bear moving sideways and the star in the corner pocket.

As far as proud roosters go this topped them all with a great single-line drawing. Type on a circle that looks good is a bonus.

A great typographic solution with a literal edge to it to match the channel’s manliness and bro-ness.

The wordmark could have been a lot better but the zebra-head icon is way cool.

Not everyone liked this logo but it has a very strong simplicity and in the realm of smiley face logos it’s one of the better done even if, admittedly, it’s not completely necessary. The purple shipping boxes, though, generate a great brand presence.

Very unexpected wordmark in the engineering industry with a quite interesting flair.

Great piece of lettering that gives this long-standing blog an air of bad-assery and evolves its use of blackletter into something much more engaging.

It’s still not 100% clear what the ampersand is all about but when it comes to mashing-up a “Q” and an “&” this monogram is tops.

The improvement on the old logo was monumental (because the old one was beyond bad) but even on its own this was a beautiful and smart logo that looks extra awesome on a t-shirt.

It’s really hard to create extra minimal icons these days as most shapes are already taken but this super simple “O” that echoes the shape of the product is elegant, contemporary, techie, and as simple as it gets.

Not everyone in the comments appreciated this logo and/or questioned its readability but it’s the best counter-space hidden treasure logo since FedEx and it’s just perfect for a line of suave ice cream.


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