The Best and Worst Identities of 2015, Part 6: The Best Friday Likes


Announced January 1, 201601.01.16 by Armin

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In past years, I had allowed the poll votes to dictate the top 12 Friday Like projects by listing the ones with the highest percentages of “Great” votes but I wasn’t always convinced by the results. So, here are this year’s hand-picked selections.

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Great fusion of East/West and lovely execution all around, from graphics to product.

Foregoing the crafty aesthetics of micro breweries this one goes for a bold, playful approach with great typography and a tasty color palette.

A clever “N” logo that serves as the centerpiece for the identity with the ability to expand sideways with multiple “stems”.

Swiss-style typography with a techie, contemporary color palette make for a badass packaging system.

Moody photography, a muted color palette, and a nature-y logo get me right in the mood for any dish served at this restaurant.

Neck ruff never looked better (and probably never will) than in this monogram.

The lightning-bolt-shaped logo for LAD gets its own party with this extra colorful identity system for its inaugural festival.

Quirky, industrial typography and camping-style graphics make for an unexpectedly grown-up and hip distillery.

Devilishly simple, this “P” monogram can be as thin or thick as it wants and is complemented by a bold and stunning color palette.

The multiple elements that make up this identity are vast and eclectic in their own inimitable style.

I’m not a huge fan of the logo but the wave pattern is so good and I love how it stays the same size across different applictions. The salmon, gray, and white color palette is the perfect garnish for it.

This is Anagrama at its best: combining patterns, textures, colors, and foil stamping in an explosive way, all punctuated by an expert typographic choice.


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