Thomson Reuters Logo, Before and After

There is nothing more exciting for global conglomerates than having a “Biggest [blank] Company in the World!” catchphrase, and the latest addition to this lofty echelon of behemoths is Thomson Reuters, the biggest business media company in the world, that resulted from the purchase of Reuters by the Thomson Corporation, a deal worth billions of dollars and stock fluctuations. Yesterday, the new company unveiled its new identity, designed by Interbrand.

“The dynamic new corporate identity is a marked departure from the historical look and feel of the two companies and represents Thomson Reuters positioning as the world’s leading source of intelligent information to businesses and professionals.”
Thomas H. Glocer, chief executive officer of Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters Billboards in Times Square

Thomson Reuters digital billboards in Times Square. Photo by Flickr user xsquare2, who has more images in this set.

The new identity overall, as it plays out on the web site and the billboards, feels indeed dynamic and interesting, and the multitude of dots are put to good use. Unfortunately, those seemingly hundreds of dots make for a rather lousy and mundane icon, better suited as an initial Adobe Illustrator sketch exercise than for a conglomerate — and their arrangement is pretty unimaginative, there is nothing expressive about them. The wordmark is a little more interesting, it feels unique, composed and contemporary — although the real star of the identity is the typeface being used on their web site that is almost similar to the one in the logo, I think they can build a lot of recognition through that typeface. Not sure if it’s off the rack, or custom-made and proprietary, suggestions and clarifications welcome.

Reuters Logo

If you visit, you’ll see that that entity still maintains a little more brand hierarchy by using a Reuters wordmark, picked up from the new logo. A smart move to keep the name recognition of Reuters while extending the identity application. Overall, I like this new work, it is very well suited for its audience and the global business landscape. But I do hate that icon, specially when it gets rendered small, it just looks like the eye of a storm on the local TV news report.

Reuters Sign Takedown

Reuters sign in Dubai gets stripped down. Photo by Jumana El Heloueh/Reuters from

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