Bio Green Dairy Packaging, Before and After

Launched in 1988 in the UK, Bio Green Dairy is a range of yoghurt-based products that includes real-fruit yoghurt drinks, Lassi Ayran drinking yoghurt, Lebanese style labneh yoghurt, and now a new series of exotic fruit Lassis. The new packaging across all lines has been redesigned by London-based Carter Wong Design.

Bio Green Dairy Packaging

Redrawn logo.

At the centre of the Lassi packs and Bio Green Dairy’s other product lines is a new brand identity featuring a revitalised ‘Edna’ the cow. Edna’s new lease of life comes from a redrawn illustration that gives her an energetic bounce, a frisky, flicked tail and a set of (previously omitted) udders. She now jumps happily over the brand name, itself re-crafted with a hand drawn font. The milk white cow sits (or leaps) across all the Bio Green Dairy ranges, reversed out of any colour appropriate to the range or product in question.
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Bio Green Dairy Packaging

Old packaging, above, of the drinking yogurt. New, below.

Bio Green Dairy Packaging

Bio Green Dairy Packaging

Bio Green Dairy Packaging

New Lassi product line.

Bio Green Dairy Packaging

Product range.

To be perfectly honest, the only or, at least, the main reason I am posting this project is because of Edna, the cow. I love me a good, quirky animal logo. This probably sounds wrong when written but Edna has a charming udder. Her ears are horns are also adorable. And to my eyes, it looks as if she was drawn with yoghurt, in all its splatty glory. Of the packaging, I like the drinking yoghurt design, with the big single-fruit illustration big and bold in the center of the bottle; I don’t get, at all, the baseball-style script text underneath the fruit but it kind of, sort of blends in to pass unnoticed. The new exotic-fruit Lassi drinks are fine; a little cliché with the Indian patterns and the overall typography of it is trying too hard to convey exotic-ness. Overall, the whole packaging line and brand has definitely benefited from the redesign.

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