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There is no “i” in Thnk. Seriously, there isn’t.

Reviewed Apr. 28, 2011 by Armin

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Thnk Logo, Before and After

Launched this year, with the first class beginning in 2012, the THNK Creative Leadership Program at THNK, The Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership is a post-graduate program designed to “provoke and inspire professionals, entrepreneurs and scientists into becoming the world’s next creative leaders.” Limited to 30 participants the program runs for a whole year with one month of “basic training” off campus, four months of “intensive training” on campus, and five months of “acceleration program” off campus. Tuition is €43,000 (US$63,000). An identity for the school has been created by Amsterdam-based Lava.

The absence of the ‘i’ in their name exemplifies thnk’s philosophy: that the challenges facing us today, standing in the world, not only can be solved by individuals, but collectively - creative leaders know this. It is not the ‘i’, the only I, but always in collaboration with others.

Lava has this philosophy represents the individual i’s and bring them together to overlap so as to create a network. Thus they form a network of an infinite variety of playful shapes that represent co-reatie and collaboration, with great richness, diversity and individuality as a result. These are called ThnkBats and they are both the basis for the logo for the imagery used to enrich typography and illustrations build.
Lava project page, originally in Dutch, translated with Google


The “i” is used to create a palette of “thnkbats”, below.



While I have my reservations about the whole program, too hoity-toity for my taste, the identity is pretty awesome. I love the idea of taking the missing “i” from the school’s name and using that as the basis of the visual concept to create their very own dingbats that generate a very unique texture and distinctive identity. The three functions of the thnkbats work really well: coming all together to form letters as in the the main logo, as replacements of “o”s, and as building blocks for illustrations and infographics. It’s a clever take on being a flexible identity and it offers something new, which I feel we’ve been missing here lately.






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