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These Books are brought to you by the Letter M

Reviewed Jul. 19, 2012 by Armin

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Móra Publishing Logo, New

Established in 1957, Móra Publishing is one of the largest publishers in Hungary, specializing in both classic and contemporary children and youth books by Hungarian and international authors. For many generations of kids, Móra books have been part of their upbringing. Without a traditional logo, Móra has simply been typesetting the company name in the same title typeface as whichever book or series its on. Budapest-based Made by Zwoelf has just finished a new identity for the publisher and a logo that will be emblazoned on 76,000 book covers yearly.

The new identity is a strong mark that changes from book cover to book cover, from business card to business card. The idea behind the emblem was to present Mora’s “M” letter as two triangles, with a size and position that can be vary but only inside strict rules. We created a large number of variations for the M�ra emblem, with each a little different, although always the same.
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Móra Publishing Logo and Identity

Móra Publishing Logo and Identity

Móra Publishing Logo and Identity

Móra Publishing Logo and Identity

This identity strikes a nice balance of cutesy (with its primary colors and rounded forms) and edgy (with its OCR-A-ish monospace typeface). The logo is very simple and efficient with an icon that, deployed on so many books, is bound to become easily recognizable, even with all its permutations as they are not drastically different where they might create confusion. I think the general populace will just recognize the overall shape and lock-up of it and probably never realize there are a dozen different versions. The “M” abstraction on its own may be a little hard to infer, but since the name is right underneath, it’s a pretty easy read. I like the typeface quite a bit, as it adds some seriousness to the identity, avoiding the whole thing becoming totally childish with all that red-blue-yellow. I actually like the single-color version of the logo, as seen below, but I definitely appreciate the overall effort and result.

Móra Publishing Logo and Identity

Móra Publishing Logo and Identity

Móra Publishing Logo and Identity

Móra Publishing Logo and Identity



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