TicketLeap Logo, Before and After

Established in 2003, TicketLeap is an online service to sell tickets and market events. Their mission is to “Democratize ticketing by bringing an innovative ticketing experience to everyone.” If you’ve ever held an event and tried to sell tickets or reserve free tickets, there is no easy way to do so, other than something like TicketLeap or its main competitor (and I’m guessing market leader) Eventbrite. To better position itself, TicketLeap has done a bunch of changes behind the scenes and introduced a new identity designed by Brooklyn, NY-based Red Antler.

TicketLeap Logo and Identity

TicketLeap Logo and Identity

For the first Brand New Conference we chose Eventbrite over TicketLeap for a few reasons: mostly functionality and features but, to be perfectly honest, one of the reasons was that their logo and web presence simply did not inspire confidence. It felt like playing for the losing team. The new logo and identity is a complete revolution from what they had — from their smiling frog to their drab green and blue color palette. The new logo has an icon that I’m not exactly quite sure what it is: It’s half of a “T” with a couple of chevrons, which give me the impression of arrows directing you to swipe your credit card or some of the random characters that may appear on a ticket. Regardless, there is something contemporary and web-ish about it that just looks right at home. The subtle gradient from magenta to red gives it an edgy presence too. The wordmark is a pretty neutral execution, perhaps a little overpowering next to the icon, but since the icon is mostly unreadable it does need the name. The website, where the brand lives most of the time, is crisp and easy to navigate. And the copywriting adds a fun touch of irreverence that complements the visuals quite well. Overall, a great way to transform the company and give Eventbrite a run for its money.

TicketLeap Logo and Identity

TicketLeap Logo and Identity

TicketLeap Logo and Identity

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