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To Regina and Beyond

Reviewed Apr. 28, 2010 by Armin

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City of Regina Logo, Before and After

The only insider information I have about the City of Regina in Canada is that you don’t pronounce it as the proper name of your friend Regina — nope, it’s pronounced like vagina. What? You come up with another word that sounds like that. In absence of some first-hand opinion, that I think some of our Canadian readers might be able to share, here are some facts: According to a 2006 census, Regina is the 16th largest city in Canada with a population of less than 200,000; as the capital of Saskatchewan, Regina is the second largest after Saskatoon, and has a lively business and cultural health. But it had a terrible logo. This past February, the City of Regina introduced a new logo designed by out-of-province McKim Cringan George in Winnipeg.

To help Regina organizations promote the personality of the dynamic prairie city externally, MCG developed several creative elements. The new logo is composed of an infinity loop twisted into an “R” letterform unique to the City of Regina. Vividly coloured ‘design flourishes’ illustrate how Regina’s people are connected, united and committed to elevating the city to new heights in the drive toward future investment, growth and opportunity. And the “Infinite Horizons” positioning statement additionally positions Regina and surrounding landscape as innovative, boundless and full of potential.
McKim Cringan George Project Page

City of Regina

The new City of Regina logo is composed of an R letterform as a distinctive focal point, unique to the city of Regina. Created with a continuous infinite loop in bold colours, the letterform is intended to position Regina as alive and vibrant — a place of endless possibility.
Regina Branding Q & A

City of Regina

Not that this is earth-shattering, but I like that they are positioning this as a “Community Brand” more than a destination brand or an identity just for the city

The fact that it can be used by more than one organization, and will come to represent those organizations, as well as the community as a whole. It’s a unique way to approach branding that can only work in communities where there is strong connectivity and cooperation among the organizations that choose to adopt it. Partners in the initiative must be committed to put aside competitiveness and be prepared to speak in a strong, united voice, working towards the common goal of positively promoting our city.
Regina Branding Q & A

City of Regina

Enough quoting. The R icon is definitely attractive and eye-catching. While there could probably be a few more twists, both literally and metaphorically, in the ribbon to make the dimensionality work a little better, I think it’s a fairly convincing result. I like how the color changes at each twist and the overall shape is fluid and organic. The typography is acceptable and although it isn’t my favorite type in the world, there is nothing to really fault there. The ribbon as visual element in the identity materials can start to feel very cliché when it wraps around buildings, but it is a nice extension of the logo. As far as city logos go, this one is quite inviting.

Thanks to Fredrick Douglas for the tip.



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