Tricom Logo, Before and After

Established in 1988, Tricom is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the Dominican Republic, providing consumer-level services in cable, internet, and phone as well as service for enterprise solutions. This week, Tricom announced a new identity designed by Interbrand.

Tricom Logo, Before and After

Tagline translates to “Outside of here nothing is lived better”. Sort of.

Newest ad for Tricom. Logo animation at the end, after all the 3D floating typography.

Sample of old branding animated.

Along with Mongo, the dog in the ex-logo of Sirius XM, Tricom’s puppy, Rico, is proving that 2011 is not a good year to be a dog in the field of corporate identity as it just got the boot. In exchange — while retaining the nice wordmark — Tricom has introduced a generic overlay of soft-cornered triangles that overlay to communicate “the dynamism, accessibility, and agility of a new Tricom.” Of course it does! In all fairness, the logo is fine, there is nothing really offensive about it, it’s well balanced, the colors are pretty, and the registered mark is even smartly placed but… it’s not inspiring, that’s for sure. The identity around it seems decent, lots of layering of blobby shapes. The typography in the tagline and the rest of the website is not my idea of a good time, but I can see how it would look and feel techie and entertain-ey to the Tricom brass. No idea, though, what the 3D VAG Rounded is doing in the commercial.

Thanks to Ángel Marte for the tip.

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