TVA Logo, Before and After

Established in 1971, TVA is a communications company with two main businesses: (1) television, where it operates the most viewed network in Quebec that includes the namesake channel as well as eight other specialty channels, and (2) publishing, where they produce over 75 magazines, making it the largest publisher of French-language magazines in Quebec. Last week TVA introduced a new logo for its parent company, TVA Groupe, its television channel, and it will continue into the rest of its properties in the coming months. The identity was designed by global agency Sid Lee.

TVA today unveiled a new logo, which stands as a symbol of a strong brand is modernizing, a brand synonymous with innovation, agility and creativity. This new identity is a reflection of a company that is always on the lookout for trends and continues to push the boundaries to transform the television and make unique experiences for its viewers.
Press release (Google-translated from French)

TVA Logo

To reflect the fact that VAT is always on the lookout for new trends and constantly pushing the boundaries to transform the television and make new experiences for its viewers. It is this dynamism that will reflect our new logo.
President message (Google-translated from French)

Detail of logo animation. (Loops forever, so make sure you stop it).

Extended logo animation and color variations in the first 35 seconds, then some additional on-air applications after that.

TVA Logo

TVA Logo

A few stills of the animation. Screen grabs via The Branding Source.

Televised unveiling. Skip to the 2:26 mark for it. Also, at the 3:00 mark some strange “Photoshopped” stunt of the logo appears on a bridge.

TVA Logo

The old logo, reportedly designed 22 years ago, looks exactly as if it had been designed 22 years ago as a bad ripoff of Saul Bass’ AT&T globe icon and United Airlines typography. It’s amazing that that thing was allowed on TV after the year 2000. The new logo is significantly more contemporary and simple, at least by contrast. The letterforms are decent on their own — perhaps a tad simplistic instead of simple — but the gradients ruin it with such an unimaginative and clunky execution. The “period” at the end of the “A” is also strange. Like any good contemporary logo on TV, TVA’s new identity is flexible, changing colors and textures, which could be a good thing, except the few samples shown in the video are copies of stuff we’ve already seen done, and done better. To their credit, the main logo animation is somewhat interesting. Overall, the evolution is good because what existed was so outdated but in terms of something interesting or original, it leaves a lot to be desired.

Thanks to Jonathan Richard for first tip.

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