Vancouver Community College Logo, Before and After

About: (Est. 1965) “Vancouver Community College is a public community college in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is the largest and oldest community college in British Columbia, with over 140 certificate and diploma programs.[1] VCC has two campuses, Broadway and Downtown, both located in the city of Vancouver. The college accommodates 26,000 students each year from a variety of nations, about 8 percent of whom are international students.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Design by: N/A.

Ed.’s Notes: Very swooshy, sparkle-dusty video below (or after the jump) and a quote from the press release that pretty much explains it all.

Relevant links: Press release.

Select quote: “The logo development, part of VCC’s 2011 - 2014 Strategic Plan, included considerable input from internal and external groups, including staff, faculty, students, administrators, as well as stakeholders from business, industry and the community. The final logo selection represents the voices and insights of over 700 individuals.” (Emphasis mine).

Thanks to Nils Peterson for the tip.

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