Vancouver Whitecaps Logo, Before and After

Earlier this week we covered the inclusion of the 18th team to Major League Soccer but, as some astute Canadian soccer fans had pointed out since last week, it was the 17th team to join MLS that had them excited: The Vancouver Whitecaps. Their story is quite similar to the Portland Timbers, originally established in 1973 playing in the North American Soccer League and most recently played in the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Division 2 league. They will start playing in MLS in the 2011 season.

Say hello to a sharp image of three North Shore mountain peaks towering above the Vancouver Whitecaps FC name, with the peaks reflected in blue water below the name.


“We needed a logo that was very clean and efficient — on the jersey and on the screen and on pages and on paper,” he said. “I think fans will be very proud to wear it.
The Vancouver Sun

Vancouver Whitecaps Logo, Before and After

This is a very welcome change, as the old logo looked like a whitewater rafting attraction you would find somewhere in an interstate; it’s really amazing they sold any merchandise with that silly thing. In contrast, the new logo is no nonsense and it screams “don’t mess with me.” It’s actually a surprisingly hard-edged logo in this era of bubbly friendliness, almost leaving without points of comparison. But once you get past that initial reaction to the change, the logo is a little dull and not too sophisticated. It feels as if it needed one more round of refinement to make the typography sit a little more comfortable in those spaces, or make the mountains a little more interesting beyond just repeating the same shape six times.

On a more positive light, it wants to look like an international soccer team crest, and that’s not a bad thing to strive for.

Thanks to Tavis MacCallum for first tip.

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