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Founded in 1807 in Blackburn, Lancashire, UK, Thwaites Brewery is an independent, family-owned brewer, bottler, wholesaler, and retailer. Thwaites offers a variety of beers from cask beers to keg beers to bottled beers to craft beers, most of which can be enjoyed at one of their 350 pubs. This past June, Thwaites introduced a new logo and a new fleet of trucks.

The new Thwaites logo is based on vintage designs and similar to the logo used in the late 19th Century. In addition to appearing as the only outstanding colour feature on the curtain sides of the delivery vehicles, the new logo will appear on bottles of ale, in pubs and at the Penny Street brewery. The new logo replaces the previous design which has been used for much of the past decade.
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The black and white illustration by celebrated artist Bill Sanderson features real brewery employees including head brewer Steve Fielding, the famous Thwaites Shire Horses and head horseman Charles Beardmore. All other characters featured are either current employees or connected with Thwaites in some way.
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Apologies for the small and unsexy images, couldn’t find better ones.


The new logo is infinitely more refined than the shiny horses in the previous one with their poorly executed shadows and highlights, not to mention the unflattering “hanging belly” typography. The new lettering isn’t perfect — the “WA” curves almost make me seasick — but it works nice and tight. The application of the logo isn’t much to speak of, other than the logo gets placed on stuff. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Even though I don’t have a concise and convincing set of images for this project and despite being “old” news I thought it was a redesign worth pointing out. When most brands are going for cutting-edge and contemporary Thwaites is going backwards in a positive way. Somehow, the whole identity — from the vintage illustration to the wavy lettering in the logo — captures what an independent brewery should look and feel like. I would call this Quaint Modern.

Thanks to Ed Ross for the tip.

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