Warta Logo, Before and After

About: (Est. 1920) “Warta is a subsidiary of Talanx International AG, which concentrates the activities of the Retail International division within the Talanx Group. The Warta Group provides property, liability and personal insurance and life insurance. Warta has a customer base of around 1.5 million The Group employs a staff of more than 2,700 people and has a sales network with approximately 8,000 tied and free agents, 4,000 agencies and some 240 branch offices.”

Design by: N/A

Ed.’s Notes: The new logo is based on Talanx’s logo, the new parent company of Warta. Warta is a Polish company.

Relevant links: Press release. PDF of “What’s behind the new logo of Warta?”

Select quote: “[Not] usual and fancy ‘t’ indicates the flexibility, openness and ensures clients individual treatment.” And there is plenty more at the PDF link above where this came from.

Thanks to Mateusz Piotrowski for the tip.

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