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With a Great Tagline Comes Great Responsibility

IFC Logo, Before and After

Launched in 1994, the Independent Film Channel (IFC) has grown remarkably from a weird little runt of a channel that was a spin-off from Bravo (before Bravo was all Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Housewives of…, and Top This or That — into one of the most progressive and rewarding cable channels through original programming (Portlandia), fantastic re-runs (Freaks and Geeks), and movies where the endings aren’t always happy. Today the IFC universe consists of the cable channel, a feature film production company, a distributor of independent and foreign films, and a theater in New York City. For the better part of 2010, IFC has been using a new logo and tagline created by Portland, OR-based Feel Good Anyway and they recently put up a great case study of their ongoing project with IFC.


The imperfections of the logo, on purpose.


Different logo and tagline lock-ups.

The old logo, first used in 2001, had its charm and moment of brilliance in the “I” looking like the edge of a film strip but sixteen years, especially for something brewed in the middle of the 1990s, is plenty of time for something to date. The new IFC wordmark has no hidden visual, but it sure is bold. And bold is good. The appeal of the new logo comes in the embrace of the tagline, a fantastic one at that, and how the two interact in clunky ways. It’s also funny that the logo is constructed a bit “poorly.” The new logo also helps IFC move beyond just “film” and supports all of its digital and brick and mortar ventures.



Sample pages from the guidelines.

But as with all good TV branding, the real fireworks are in the on-air package and Feel Good Anyway has converted the “Always On. Slightly Off.” philosophy into a fantastic identity that is smart, quirky, and perfectly executed.

Network graphics. See bigger here.

Network IDs. See bigger here.

Network Interstitials, “a library of thematic interstitials that IFC could mix and match with other assets to make promos. The themes were based around the channel’s programming genres and included such all-time favorites as comedy, sex, music, food, horror, and action, among others.” See bigger here.



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