Zee TV Logo, Before and After

Established in 1992 Zee TV is one of the leading television channels in India, and since 1995 has been both exporting Zee TV to other countries and expanding its roster of channels to include Zee Cinema, Zee Sports, Zee Business, Zee Cafe, among a line-up of 25 channels, all now under the corporate umbrella of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. Earlier this month Zee TV introduced a new identity to roll out across all of its channels (except the Ten Sports brand) designed in-house with additional muscle provided by global agency Draftfcb.

Zee TV

Developed by the in-house team, Zee TV’s aqua blue colour new logo features a stylish font. The new age design with its upward flourish signifies the upward movement of desires and wishes. The abstract form of the ‘Z’ and vibrancy of aqua blue bring in modernity and freshness to the brand. “The unshackling of the ‘Z’ from the box symbolizes today’s woman’s zest for life and confidence to go out in the world beyond her home. The overall design has a progressive feel and reflects the idea of looking into the future with hope and depicts a more dynamic and spirited outlook. The rainbow of hope is a very important element of the new packaging. It is colourful, ethereal and symbolically emphasizes the promise of ‘Umeed Se Saje Zindagi’… celebrating hope and life,” says Goenka.
Press Release

Zee TV

“Rainbow of Hope” graphic element.

Zee TV

Identity promo. Video here.

Zee TV

Identity promo. Video here.

Unveiling of the logo. Didn’t expect everyone to be so excited.

Let’s get straight to it: Both logos, old and new, are pretty bad and, strictly by relative comparison, the old one has far more energy and vibrancy to it. I imagine it as being a fake logo for a radio station that would be the main plot of point of an episode of Saved by the Bell, the early years. The new logo is generic and awkward, looking more like a “2” than a “Z”. Everything about the main logo and the rest of the channels feels antiquated and cheap. It’s in the video promos that at least the cheesiness of it is so much that it becomes almost good. And seeing what Zee’s competitor, Star, did with their identity, Zee’s execution falls far too short.

Thanks to Saawan Ebe for the tip.

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