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We encourage, celebrate, and applaud the submission of tips at . Keep reading for our criteria for inclusion and other nuances.

Don’t expect a reply
We are not being jerks. We simply have found it impossible to reply to the 15 or 20 daily e-mails we receive with tips. Which is undeniably great, because those e-mails become the main source of our content. But let’s all agree that unless you are asking a specific question or have some concerns or feedback we will not reply. Consider this paragraph our eternal reply button extending our gratitude.

What kind of tip to submit
We receive everything from “I was driving down the road and saw a new logo on this building” to fully researched e-mails. They are all welcome. You send in the tip, we will do the hard work.

You designed something and want us to post it
See criteria below for the kind of work we post. If you feel your project applies send us an e-mail with 1 or 2 small preview images, a one- or two-sentence description, and (if available) a link to see the full case study. If we think it’s a good fit for the blog we’ll contact you for more information/images if they are not available already on your site.

Type of Projects/Clients we Include

One of the first things we try to look at is if the product, service or corporation is relevant to a large number of people. Is it well known? Does it have history? Why should we care? If it’s a well known brand, chances are we will put it up. Regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

Not so mainstream
For every major brand, there are a handful of lesser known clients that we have posted. Whether they are corporations that we may have never heard of but that have 10,000 employees worldwide or whether it’s a product only sold regionally, we will review it if it’s an interesting story and there is something to learn from it.

Not mainstream at all
If we have never ever heard of the company, product, or service and further Google-ing reveals that it is small or very local, we will not post it. There is nothing wrong with that kind of work and we do it ourselves all the time but, as far as Brand New content, it doesn’t work. It has to be a very compelling design story for us to post something very small.

Most of the identities we review are American. That’s because, the majority of our readers are in the U.S., but we have an increasingly international audience and we really enjoy posting work from around the world. If you are tipping us from afar, please let us know what kind of relevance any given identity would have in your motherland, so that we can have a better understanding of it.

We have broken this rule a few times, but anything that is more than three or six months old will not be posted.

General discussions
Every now and then we get e-mails with suggestions of broader discussions about logo and identity topics. Nothing wrong with those, but Brand New is not the place for them.

Summing up
The identities we review must be interesting and relevant, something that we care to see discussed whether it’s because we are familiar with the brand or because we are interested in the visual result. There is no real formula for selecting and, at the end of the day, it all comes down to our whims.

Upcoming BNConfs

Chicago 2017
Pre-sale tickets are now available for the 2017 Brand New Conference in Chicago on September 14 – 15.

Europe 2018
Plans are in development for coming back to Europe in Spring of 2018 with the current top contender host city of Barcelona.