UnderConsideration / EST. 2001
UnderConsideration’s monthly advertising program offers a package that provides exclusivity and visibility, limited to 5 partners per month, running uniformly across all of our blogs.

Our online properties average over 1,670,000 monthly pageviews through more than 358,000 monthly unique visitors and there are over 24,000 subscribers to their RSS feeds. Our advertising program includes banner placement above the fold in the main content area on all pages and logo placement at the bottom of every page as well as the logo on every entry in the RSS feed. The cumulative impressions for each of our advertisers is over 2,600,000 a month.

Partnering with UnderConsideration provides access to a large group of creatives no longer exposed to traditional means of advertising: 60% of our readers do not subscribe to industry magazines, 70% do not belong to a professional organization, and 72% have not attended a multi-day national conference in the last three years. This is a very big audience to be missing while paying high rates for print ads or event sponsorships. 40% of our audience visits our sites at least once a day — a devoted 8% does so more than once a day — and at least 48% of them acknowledge clicking on our partners’ banner or logo.

If you are interested in learning more about our rates and availability please e-mail us. The banners of our current partners are listed below.