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Bryony Gomez-Palacio
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Born and raised in Mexico City, Bryony Gomez-Palacio is a graphic designer and writer now living in Austin, Texas. She is co-founder of UnderConsideration—a graphic design firm and publishing enterprise all rolled into one—where she manages the behind-the-scenes of the online network compromised of Brand New, FPO, Quipsologies and the soon to be re-launched Design Encyclopedia. Bryony has co-authored four books with her husband and partner, Armin Vit—their most recent efforts being Graphic Design, Referenced and the self-published Flaunt. Most recently, they conceived and presented the Brand New Conference in New York City and the 2010 Brand New Awards. Bryony enjoys conducting workshops and lecturing when not tending to her two young daughters.

In a life full of twists and turns, I have been surrounded by creatives my entire life. With a fine artist, a writer, an architect, a filmmaker and a few lawyers close by, I was raised in Mexico City amidst the urban life, mixed with a unique farm life as well. My first passion was dance, but when an injury forced me to change paths I discovered design. I was 17.

Not content with the education I was receiving while attending college in Mexico City I looked elsewhere for alternatives. That led me to a life-changing trip through Denver, New York and Atlanta. The last one, captured my heart and I decided to attend Portfolio Center after being caught by Hank Richardson’s claws. The next two years where the most inspiring, the hardest and the most fulfilling in my journey towards becoming a graphic designer. Sometime while in Atlanta, my then boyfriend (now father of our child) moved to the Southern City as well, and slowly we began to shape a life together.

Upon graduating, we packed our bags and moved to Chicago, the beautiful city of blasting winds and horrible winters. Here, I worked at Bagby and Company for a period of four years. With projects ranging from corporate identities, product naming, annual reports, TV spots, print advertising, packaging, to editorial and corporate communications, not a dull moment was to be found. Not even at home, where UnderConsideration was coming to life via the infamous Speak Up and its multiple side projects.

One day, we realized it was time to move to New York, where a new life was already taking shape. This time we hired movers. This time there was a sense of going home, and so in the beginning of the school year Brooklyn welcomed the family. Addison became my new home, working primarily on annual reports for small and Fortune 500 companies — other projects included branding and corporate comunications. After a couple of years, it was time to do my own thing, by setting up office in the newly renovated basement.

Today, I divide my time as best as I can. Some hours go to client work, others go into teaching at SVA, while others are spent on UnderConsideration. The Word It Book was published last year, and two more books are on the works. Stop Being Sheep is entering its fifth volume, and other ventures are on the stove. And finally, new daughter Maya takes up the rest of the available hours.