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2012 Brand New Awards: Winners

Mar. 26, 2013 by Armin

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2012 Brand New Awards, Winners

The winners of the 2012 Brand New Awards have been posted on the Winners page of the BNAs’ site. Judging took place this past Friday, March 22, 2013 here in Austin, TX — pictures of the day can be found in this Flickr set. Read on for additional notes, thoughts, and a peek at the big-ticket winners.


714 entries submitted

649 Professional / 65 Student

297 Logos
30 Logo and Identity Animations
188 Basic Identity Applications
173 Comprehensive Identity Programs
26 Guideline Documents

406 U.S. entries
56 AU entries
47 UK entries
205 entries rest of the world


75 total winning entries

64 Professional / 11 Students

58 selected by Judges / 17 selected as “Salvage” by UnderConsideration

25 Logos
6 Logo and Identity Animations
17 Basic Identity Applications
23 Comprehensive Identity Programs
4 Guideline Documents

38 U.S.
8 UK
7 Australian
4 Peru, Canada
14 rest of the world


Just when you think judges can’t get any tougher, they do. And this crop of judges proved especially hard to please. Unimpressed by recycling of styles or great visuals that didn’t match the client, they all looked for something unexpected, surprising, and/or meaningful.

Perhaps when we asked the judges to be tough we didn’t expect them to select the lowest amount of entries yet in our three-year run, despite there being almost 200 entries more than the first year when the judges at the time selected 90 entries. But one rule we have is that there is no minimum quota of projects we need to include. Whatever bubbles to the top makes it. Simple as that.

And it’s not like the work was bad. The overall level of the entries was really, really good — probably better collectively than the previous two years — so it’s not like the judges’ choices were easy to make. They had to really be discerning and considerate about their choices.

Just like last year, the logo category seemed like it could have been better, both in terms of entries and winners. This year’s selections were good and uplifting but something changed in the last two years where there has been a lack of firepower. Again, no Best of Category was awarded.

The Logo and Identity Animation category was pretty decent this year and the judges were more into it than previous years. Unfortunately there wasn’t that much work that got anyone excited.

The standout category as usual is Comprehensive Identity Programs and this year it didn’t disappoint, with plenty of juicy projects.

Guideline documents is 99% on its way out of our competition. It’s hard to get the judges excited about it.

The Student level was just a smidgen better than last year, but not by much. One thing is for sure though, Shenkar College of Design in Israel is training great motion designers: last year’s standout student entry was a motion piece from there and same thing this year, with Matan Yaniv’s TV channell identity for GRIND.

Special Awards

Ditto as last year: “There were very few nominations for the two Special Awards for Design Effectiveness and Client Leadership and since only those entries that win are considered the less than a handful that had a nomination did not stand out enough to be awarded. This might be the last year we attempt these two awards.”

Best of Show

This has been the easiest BoS to pick and, in fact, we had to convince three of our judges to choose other judge’s picks because they all wanted to choose the über minimalist beer bottle by Kota Kobayashi (see below) as their own pick. The judges loved the almost absurdly simple design and, above all, the concept behind it.

On Salvage Selections

We haven’t had this much grief on our own selections as we had this year. At least a handful of the projects we salvaged led to in-depth discussions about what is good and bad. And why. Nonetheless, we stand by our selections as much as the judges stand by theirs.


We will be working on producing the annual in the next three or four months. This year we will again publish a book, a high-res PDF, and a paid-access website.


Seriously. This was a hard-earned win and your work stood out from a really competitive field.


Sneak Peek at the Top Winners

Best of Show + Judge’s Pick: Laura Romanoff
Ippon Matsu Beer by Kota Kobayashi
Basic Identity Application

winner thumbnail

winner thumbnail

winner thumbnail


Judge’s Pick: Joe Duffy
Don Belisario by Infinito
Comprehensive Identity Program

winner thumbnail

winner thumbnail

winner thumbnail


Judge’s Pick: Greg Benson
Own identity by TRÜF
Basic Identity Application

winner thumbnail

winner thumbnail

winner thumbnail


Best of Category + Judge’s Pick: Rick Valicenti
Nine Suns by Landor Associates
Comprehensive Identity Program

winner thumbnail

winner thumbnail

winner thumbnail


Judge’s Pick: Karin Fong
Steve Li by Re
Basic Identity Application

winner thumbnail

winner thumbnail



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