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2016 Brand Nieuwe Conference: Online Registration Closes June 10

Online registration for the 2016 Brand Nieuwe Conference in Amsterdam will close on Friday, June 10. This applies to both in-person tickets AND webcast registrations. There will be no exceptions. After June 11, in-person tickets will be available at the door on June 20 for €600 + VAT; webcast registrations will NOT be available after June 11.

For people considering the webcast: Remember that we provide individual video files of all presentations for download a few days after the event so if you miss some or the time difference is too wild, you will get to see all presentations eventually.

Ticket Giveaway! (Next week)
For anyone looking for a chance to attend for free we will have our usual ticket giveaway — courtesy of our sponsors — next week, from Monday through Wednesday. We will match however many tickets they put into the pool. At this point, there might be a good 20 tickets to be had.

PS. If you have read this far, let me reward you with a Pro tip: Check the Twitter feeds of our Presenting and Event sponsors, there might be a 25% discount code somewhere in there!


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