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2016 Brand Nieuwe Conference: Ticket Giveaway

We have 46 (!) free tickets up for grabs today for the Brand Nieuwe Conference in Amsterdam on June 20 – 21. Read on for details.

26 free tickets come courtesy of our following sponsors:

Awesome (8 tickets)
Cerovski Print Boutique (5 tickets)
MailChimp (8 tickets)
Event Compression Group (2 tickets)
BP&O (3 tickets)

We match the number of tickets above; so an extra 26 tickets come courtesy of UnderConsideration.



2) You have until Wednesday, June 1 at 7:00 pm Amsterdam time (1:00 pm New York time) to leave your name and email in the form.

3) We will put all the names in a bag, shuffle ’em and pull out XXX winners (plus 10 for wait-list). We will record and post the video for authenticity.

4) Winners will be announced shortly after that in the comments below and by email.

5) Only submit your name if you are clear to attend the conference on Monday and Tuesday June 20 and June 21; do not take away someone else’s chance to attend.

6) Travel and accommodations are your responsibility.

7) People who have already registered for an in-person ticket (as opposed to a webcast) are not eligible.

8) Winners must register online by 7:00 pm GMT+2 on Friday, June 3, 2016. If not, the tickets will start going to those on the wait list.

Update June. 1 @ 12:00 pm CT

No more names will be included in the drawing. The form is now closed. Will be back in an hour or so with the winners.

Update June. 1 @ 1:30pm CT: Winners!

Here are the winners. Please look for an e-mail from me with instructions. Gmail users, please check your “Promotions” tab as this is coming via our email campaign system (MailChimp!). IF YOU SEE YOUR NAME BELOW AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY EMAIL, e-mail me at

Remember: Winners must register online by 7:00 pm GMT+2 (Amsterdam time) / 1:00 pm EST (New York time) on Friday, June 3. If not, we will pass your ticket to the next person in the waitlist.

Video of drawing embedded below the list of winners.

From Awesome (8 tickets)
Andrea Perato
Calum Hopwood
Craig Hausman
Jim Jansen
Joost Kroon
Olivia Harrison
Sander van der Woude
Sean Bucknam

From Cerovski (5 tickets)
Drew Markham
Ebe Saawan Patath
Margarita Buksnaityte
Meindert Kramer
Petr Belák

From MailChimp (8 tickets)
Alex Limi
Alexander Henken
Ewout van Lambalgen
Gabriele Leonardi
Joao Miranda
Nicholas Macek
Rodrigo Heredia
Sumpuran Khalsa

From Event Compression Group (2 tickets)
Andre Rodrigues
Jakob Grauds

From BP&O (3 tickets)
Lemmy-Boy Hoogendoorn
Margarete Laue
Michele Byrne

From UnderConsideration (23 tickets)
Alicia Coleman
Amar Suberwal
Andrzej Leraczyk
Bart Hakvoort
Bhavika Aggarwal
Bruno Groen
Deepa Paul
Dennis Konijnenburg
Gemma Vernooij
Ivo Rodrigues
Jessica Jaime
Marko Nikolovski
Matej Ramsak
Maximilian Gerdau
Monica Martinez
Noureddine Malaeb
Oskar Kurz
Paul Hanaoka
Ryan Kiley
Steve Glasper
Taylor Loutsis
Will Rice
Zsolt Szabo

From UnderConsideration (3 tickets after I realized the total amount of sponsors was 26 and not 23; these were pulled from the waitlist)
Max Rentmeester
Rochelle Williams
Ronan Lunney

Waiting list (7 people in order of pull)
Johan Harteveld
Fiona Lim
Nikola Uzunov
Emil Placeres
Stacey Donaldson
Jelmar Hoekstra

Video for proof. Sorry for the blurriness. I made the type too small on the name strips.


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