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2019 Brand New Conference: Ticket Giveaway (Winners Announced)

It has been a couple of years since we have done a Brand New Conference ticket giveaway because we sold out last year’s “smaller” venue in New York pretty early and had met our maximum of swag produced in Chicago but this year we have plenty of seating and plenty of swag. So…

We have 50 free tickets total up for grabs for the Brand New Conference in Las Vegas, NV, on October 17 – 18. Read on for details.

29 tickets SPECIFICALLY FOR STUDENTS will come courtesy of our following sponsors:

Domtar (3 tickets)
Hoefler & Co. (4 tickets)
School of Visual Arts – MPS in Branding (6 tickets)
Classic Color (6 tickets)
Frere-Jones Type (4 tickets)
Village (4 tickets)
Merchsmith (2 tickets)

We will add 23 31 tickets SPECIFICALLY FOR PROFESSIONALS to round up to a nice 50 60 number.

If not enough students enter the giveaway, we will draw from the professionals.



2) You have until Wednesday, September 18 to leave your name and email in the form. On the morning of September 19, we will close the form.

3) We will do a digital random pull of 50 winners for the confirmed tickets plus 20 for a wait-list. We will record and post a screencast for authenticity.

4) Winners will be announced Thursday afternoon in this post and by email.

5) Only submit your name if you are clear to attend the conference on Thursday and Friday, October 17 and 18; do not take away someone else’s chance to attend. This is an issue every year and it’s extremely time-consuming and annoying.

6) Travel and accommodations are your responsibility.

7) People who have already registered for an in-person ticket (as opposed to a webcast) are not eligible.

8) Winners must register online by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Monday, September 23, 2019. If not, the tickets will start going to those on the wait list.

General Reminder

The last day to register online will be Thursday, October 10. You will have all day and all night to do so. This applies for both in-person tickets and webcast registrations. No exceptions.

Update September 19 @ 9:00 pm ET

Here are the winners. Please look for an e-mail from me with instructions in the next hour. Gmail users, please check your “Promotions” tab as this is coming via our email campaign system (MailChimp!). IF YOU SEE YOUR NAME BELOW AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY EMAIL, e-mail me at

Remember: Winners must register online by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Monday, September 23. If not, we will pass your ticket to the next person in the waitlist.

Video of drawing embedded below the list of winners.

From Domtar (3 tickets)
Nicklaus Lawrence
Natalie Kilimnik
Giuliana Lazzarotto

From Hoefler & Co. (4 tickets)
Anna Sing
Kira Mann
Zachary Camp
Ashley Fuller

From School of Visual Arts – MPS in Branding (6 tickets)
Jackie Chou
Dom Granda
Patchanit Sriviroch
Brian Lin
Kevin Neumann Angelus
Maren Woodfield

From Classic Color (6 tickets)
Ella Whitaker
Makaela Avery
Jessica Wu
Maryliz Castillo
Kevin Angelus
Warren Trinh

From Frere-Jones Type (4 tickets)
Susan Devane
Aahuti Sukhadia
Michaela Culbreth
Stanley Huang

From Village (4 tickets)
Levi Jones
Jade Catunao
Jyoti Nagpal
Emma Macias

From Merchsmith (2 tickets)
Abigail Rahman
Lily Morales

From UnderConsideration (31 Tickets)
Noah Mooney
Maggie Wyborny
Edgardo Sanchez
Ellen Titman
lisa willard
Winny Soyer
Ashley Enger
Faith Miller
Ciara Cordasco
Shane Richardson
Haley Francis-Halstead
Morgan McKinlay
Justin Brandes
Michael Martin
ben Urbain
Julia Gasenzer
Clarice Chin
Antony hart
Minghui Yang
Oscar Zaldana
Ray Martin
Christine Clayton
Nathan Leong
Joanna Grant
Ryan Johnsen
Jamie Blass
Eileen Wong
Sasha Southwell
Jan Ballard
Erik Gomez
Czarina Clemente

Waitlist (in order)
Anvika Maini
Lauren Hansen
Miguel Izco
Adam Neff
Therese Boston
Justin McKinley
Alyssa Hostetler
Marco Boulais
RJ Paulisick
Jenna Smallidge
Brittany Hogan
Lauren Chagachbanian
Greg Fleece
Alysha Balog
Bridget Cadet
Brady Comerford
Jessica Hulst
Chase Hasper
Chase Murphy
Jenni Mällinen
Jennifer Putvin

Video for proof. Sorry for the blurriness.


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